Your Time At the gates

Program Entry

Your email submission serves as your official appeal to Leadership to officially become a member of Party Horses. Should the organization turn its eyes toward you, you will be contacted.

You will never hear directly from Party Horses Leadership. Outreach will always come from artificial manifestations, designates, or emissaries chosen by the group. Know this, however: when you receive instruction or communication, it is coming directly from the organization.

Your Time as larvae

Beginning Your Journey

We value ritual consumption and acts of defiance toward those who seek to thwart our success. Sworn digital and in-person allegiance is required, and logged, law-abiding takedowns of the establishment are held in the highest regard. We seek to disrupt and cause mayhem to our enemies in ways that do not compromise Party Horses nor the delegate who is undertaking any form of subterfuge.


Rank & Wisdom

Those who have achieved greater esteem among the Party Horses ranks will know what it took to arrive. Rank is not guaranteed, and demotion can occur through various means, including--but not limited to--dormancy, or committing acts unbecoming of a Party Horse. Ex.: taking a photo or video of fireworks or breathing consecutively through your mouth (5x or greater). Rank comes with perks and honors of distinguish, which members are encouraged to adorn during public events.