Neighpoleon Bonaparty

Party Horses Infinity Series
Aged in Bardstown Since 2015

Neighpoleon Bonaparty

Distilled in Bardstown, KY in 2015

33-ish Mercury summers spent in slumber

750 ML / 90 Proof

Limited Series

USE CASE: Sip and savor

In the twilight hours preceding the famed battle of Waterloo, Paddock Bardstown, a grizzled American mercenary with a taste for the finer spirits, trudged through the dew-laden fields towards an uneasy rendezvous. There, amidst the tall, whispering grasses, he encountered the steely gaze of Neighpoleon Bonaparte, the French Emperor whose name was etched with equal measure in glory and infamy across Europe. With a cautious nod, Bardstown produced a dust-covered bottle of 8-year-old bourbon, its journey from the New World as storied as Paddock’s multi-century arc that flowed from wizard to distiller to Soldier of Fortune. Sometimes, the promises that we make our more important than the sands in the hourglass.

Neighpoleon, with the faintest hint of a smile breaking his otherwise stoic demeanor, accepted the offered drink and, for a moment, the impending roars of cannons and cries of men were drowned in the shared silence of two souls seeking solace. They toasted, not to victory or conquest, but to the raw, unspoken respect between warriors who knew the morrow would demand their all. As they parted, the first light of dawn caught the glint of the bottle, now empty, lying in the grass—a silent witness to the brief truce that humanized emperors and mercenaries before the tides of history swept them forward.