Party Horses Shooters

Whisky-based with natural flavors

  • Pony Punch

  • Sinister Cinnamon

  • Silly Fun-Filly

  • Basel Banana

Party Horses Shooters

50 ML / 70 Proof

USE CASE: Shootin' and Hollerin'

It was the year 2023, in the heart of the American Midwest. The town of Mashville, known for its sprawling  bourbon industry, was a tranquil retreat from the fast-paced city life. A local distillery, Party Horses Spirits, had been in the Bardstown family for twenty-two generations, since Paddock Bardstown, the half-human half-horse distiller, filled his first bottles of bourbon in the 1400’s. Notoriously traditional and stubbornly sticking to their time-honored recipes, the Bardstowns were proud of their smooth, velvety bourbon, known throughout the region as the emblem of classic whiskey. No one makes whisky like Party Horses. They always kept the bourbon establishment confused and frustrated.

One crisp, October morning, a routine bourbon transport was set in motion. The Bardstown’s latest batch, aged perfectly in charred oak barrels, was loaded onto a truck, destined to travel across the country. Concurrently, a freight train, laden with the season's harvest of apples, bananas, cinnamon, and sweet creams, was charting its course from the outskirts of Mashville towards the city markets.

As fate would have it, the truck driver, an old, reliable hand named Jeb, took a wrong turn due to a misprint in his delivery map. He found himself at the old Mashville train crossing, which hadn't been used in years. Unaware of the new freight train schedule, he decided to chance the crossing.

Just as the truck was crossing the tracks, the whistle of the train echoed in the distance. The train, moving at a brisk pace, was unable to stop in time, and the inevitable occurred. The train collided with the bourbon truck, scattering barrels and fresh fruits across the tracks.

Luckily, no one was hurt. Jeb shot from his truck and landed in a couch that had been discarded next to the track. He was startled but comfortable. The bourbon and fruits were left to mix and mingle in the autumn sun. The cleanup crew, led by young Jerome Bardstown, the current head of R&D at Party Horses Spirits, arrived at the scene. Jerome, always the unconventional one in the family, saw an opportunity amidst the wreckage. He noticed the bourbon-soaked fruits, their juices mingling with the rich, oaky spirit, and an idea sparked in his mind.

After the cleanup, Jerome collected the fruit-infused bourbon and brought it back to the distillery. He decided to distill this accidental concoction, hoping to salvage something from the unfortunate incident. After a few weeks of tense waiting and multiple taste tests, the result was a bourbon that was unlike anything the Bardstown’s had ever created. To some it was an abomination, but to others, nectar of the gods.

The bourbon, infused with the flavors of the fruits, held onto its strong, oak-infused character while taking on the sweet and tart undertones of the apples, bananas, cinnamon, and even pistachios. It was a delectable accident that led to the creation of whisky so unique that it instantly became a local sensation.